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Featured talks I presented on various events.

Streaming Success: Optimizing DORA Metrics through Comprehensive Software Development Practices

In an ever-evolving market, high-performance software development teams continually seek ways to deliver value and quality to end-users. This presentation examines the positive impact of well-rounded development practices, spanning from code generation to real-world software usage, on the DORA (Deployment, Operability, Resilience, and Availability) metrics, a set of key indicators for software performance. The talk investigates the organic progression of code development into functional software, exploring the symbiotic relationship between each stage and how they contribute to a high-performing development pipeline. Various aspects, including robust coding practices, effective collaboration, seamless integration, comprehensive testing, and streamlined deployments, contribute to this fluid process. Compelling examples and case studies throughout the presentation demonstrate the link between a well-rounded, flowing software development process and improved DORA metrics. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how their teams can embrace this interconnected approach, driving continuous value delivery and achieving exceptional performance in the software development landscape.

  • Conferencia Agile Spain
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 12/2023

Also presented on:

  • Conferencia Agile Spain in Barcelona, Spain (12/2023)

is unit testing dead?

As software development practices and tools continue to advance, the role of unit testing in ensuring application quality and stability is sometimes called into question. This presentation seeks to explore the significance of unit testing in contemporary contexts and examine its evolving place within the larger testing landscape. With a balanced perspective that combines theoretical knowledge and practical insight, the presentation addresses the many dimensions of the ongoing debate surrounding unit testing's relevance in today's software development domain. Attendees will come away from the session better equipped to make informed decisions regarding their testing strategies and armed with techniques to enhance the overall effectiveness of their testing processes.

  • XConf Unplugged
  • Madrid, Spain
  • 4/2018

Also presented on:

  • XConf Unplugged in Barcelona, Spain (5/2018)