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Automate Anything: Power Automate + Trello + IFTTT

· One min read
Alvaro Jose


Long Version

I am currently starting some new open-source projects and I feel it is tedious to do some recurrent tasks. For example:

  • Promote this blog post in social media
  • Announce a new release.

Power Automate & IFTTT integrations allow just this, by a process of action and reaction.

These systems provide:

  • Triggers: they are the starting point of what will happen after.
  • Actions: they react to previous steps on the described flow.

An example of this is the next flow:



  • In IFTTT, if a new feed item exists in the RSS of my blog, it's posted as a card in a Trello board.
  • The Power automate flow looks for new cards on that column.
  • Retrieve the content
  • post it into medium
  • Post into Twitter and LinkedIn about the new blog post.

As you can see, automation is cool and can save us a lot of effort by increasing our productivity.